VEX Motor Show 2022
Date: Starting From 8 December 2022
Venue: VEXMETA (Metaverse Experience)
Visit the virtual exhibition via 'VEXMETA' mobile app
The virtual exhibition opens 24/7.
Event Details
VEX Motor Show 2022 is infused with innovation and technology elements. A series of famous cars with collectible value will be displayed in the VEXMETA metaverse, providing an immersive experience across time, space, and region. VEX will provide game experiences, as well as give away Tatsunoko NFT, limited edition virtual gift and officially authorized Kumamon physical souvenir. The VEXMETA mobile app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. Cars in display: Devel Sixteen Aspark Owl Aston Martin Zagato Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale Zagato Lamborghini 595 Lamborghini Countach Zavod Imeni Stalina ZIS-101 *Content of metaverse exhibition have been authorized to display.
Free Items
Bomber Jacket
Car Key Backpack
Octopus Head
Robotic Bunny Ears